Permanent Staffing

Perito Resourcing believes that making the right hire could not be restricted to matching the person with the job description. The person would have to culturally fit in the organization and also have the same approach to work as the employer and someone who can add value not only to a job but also to the development of a company’s personality. Perito Resourcing provides you the right candidate for the right job.

HR Outsourcing / Contract Staffing

Perito Resourcing believes that Contract staffing is increasingly becoming popular among the corporate houses because of the cost efficiency and effectiveness of the practice. It is proven that Contract Staffing could benefit the organization to reduce Operational Cost in ways of administrative and monetary liabilities.

Organizational Development Initiatives

Perito  Resourcing offers a huge range of specialized services to develop the organization culture in terms of OD initiatives. These assignments are taken up as a onetime project so as to develop and design the organization development using the following strategies:

             ·         Strategic Planning - Designed to improve establishment of long-term organizational goals, objectives, and direction.

             ·         Conflict Resolution - Designed to reduce destructive conflict between members of a work unit.

             ·         Group Processes - An intervention designed to focus attention on how individuals or groups interact.

             ·         Team Development - Designed to increase cohesiveness/cooperation of people who work together.

             ·         Organizational Assessments -Designed to collect information from members of an organization and use the results as the starting point 

                    for action planning for improvement.


HR Audit & Surveys

Perito Resourcing ensures to check if we are progressing the right path to achieve our organizational goals, it is very important to have an audit and survey. Perito Resourcing provides you an opportunity to track your success line with Perito's experienced team who expertise in HR Audit & Surveys.

Special Assignments

Perito Resourcing extends support by providing a complete package of HR documentation to cater to your corporate needs, we at Perito Resourcing offer our services to design your Corporate manual, induction kit and various other benefits to stay as the most preferred partner to provide HR solutions.


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